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You can purchase an Exchange Order of JAPAN RAIL PASS together with your air ticket.
Get on almost any train of JR Group Railways allover Japan,including bullet trains.
There are a wide selection of the ticket types and prices.
*This service is available for passengers on JAL GROUP international flights.

Put your mouse pointer over (1)-(4),and you'll see the usable area of each rall pass on the map.
1.For usage allover JAPAN:JAPAN RAIL PASS  For more details
Contact JAL for purchases.
2.For you travel within yelow area HOKKAIDO RAIL PASS (Shin-chitose Airport,Sapporo, For more details
3.For you travel within blue area JR-WEST RAIL PASS (Kansai Airport,Kyoto,Osaka,etc.) For more details
4.For you travel within red area JR-KYUSHU RAIL PASS (Hakata,Nagasaki,Kagoshima,etc.) For more details
Tokaido-Sanyo Shinkansen Tourist Pass
Takayama-Hokuriku Area Tourist Pass

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